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In this digital age, we have enabled our students to have one stop access to all the quality study and reference materials related to their syllabus. SARA’s Learning Portal provides access to the best notes and videos, especially curated by our teachers and mentors to meet the needs of our students’ varied learning habits. The contents are divided chapter wise and provide comprehensive

explanations, practice questions, home works and worksheets. The aim of this portal is to empower our students to become their own masters. With this portal, SARA takes a definite step towards the achievement of its motto- ‘Global Education with Indian Values’.

SARA Online Courses

Classes 1 - 12
  • Conceptual learning with personalized learning programs.
  • Short cut techniques for better time management and cracking complex questions.
  • Structured contents which take into account student’s learning style.
  • Materials that strengthen motivation for learning, such as graphical illustrations, interesting facts, links to other sources etc.
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  • NCERT curriculum right from class 1 to class 12.
  • NCERT books-
  • Offer in –depth knowledge in simple and lucid language.
  • Offer numerous problems and exercises for practice.
  • Aid in strengthening fundamental knowledge and concepts.
  • Ideal for preparation of CBSE board exams as well as other competitive exams.
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  • Supplementary study materials available to ensure complete understanding of the concepts.
  • Shortcuts, tips and tricks in all chapters.
  • Different activities to practice, revise and test knowledge as well as questions for thinking and suggestions for project work.
  • Last minute revisions highlighting the important topics in the chapter.
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